Mac Factory Reset


This is a very thorough article on steps to take to reset a Mac to factory specs. I have done something similar to this for years as I have passed down or sold older Macs to make way for newer ones. If you are going to pass on an old Mac give this a read. It is amazing how much personal stuff people leave on old computers which can make them vulnerable.


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Automator Move Service


I have always wanted to be able to “move” an item from the Desktop to other parts of my Hard Drive. When I used the Finder substitute Path Finder I had this capability, but I am not using it at this time. So, I decided I would try to make an Automator workflow for this purpose, but first I searched the Web to see if someone had already thought of this. No sense reinventing the wheel (the widget?).

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MBA Firmware Update


Apple has released a firmware update for the mid-2011 MacBook Air. This article explains how to get and install it. I had to go to the download link in the article to get the update, the App Store did not show it. Also, after installing the update the Air will Restart. Mine ended up shutting down all the way and would not boot up. If you have this problem just reset the SMC (explained in the article) and it will startup.


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Yosemite Public Beta


Apparently Apple is going to release the first public beta of Yosemite later this month. I for one am looking forward to it. I have my Yosemite partition setup on an external HD for the install. I know Apple wants the beta installed on a Mac, but the best I can do right now is the external HD. Let you know what I think in the very near future.


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Hard Drive Partioning


I am looking into moving from using Time Machine for my backups to a more sophisticated third party application (more on this in another article). But, the only way I can test out some of these backup applications with my setup is to re-partition one of my existing external hard drives. Enter Mavericks Disk Utility, a very handy app.

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Move Print Jobs


This is a pretty cool trick to use if you have printed something to the wrong printer. Especially if the printer is turned off or is in a remote location at work or something similar. You can just move it to another printer. I tried it on my home printers (I have an inkjet and laser) and had mixed results. If you print to a laser first it will probably print too fast to make the switch, but it did work for me if I printed to my inkjet first. They have quite slower printing speeds.


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One of the things I have never liked about the Safari web browser is it’s lack of functionality for sorting a myriad of bookmarks. So, over the years I have used a couple of programs, settling on an app called Bookdog which has now evolved into BookMacster by Sheep Systems Software.

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Speaking of Maintenance


I would say I mostly agree with this article on when and how to do maintenance on your Macintosh. I might do it a little more often than suggested, but I think we can get carried away with clearing caches, etc. when it really is not necessary. In addition to the writers recommendations, I use third party apps along with Apple’s builtins. Give it a read, I think it is worth your while.


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