WordPress Site Facelift

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I have wanted to give this blog a bit of a new look for a while now. The font face was tool small for my liking and there are many cool web fonts to use that look and read much nicer than the default ones that came with this WordPress (WP) template. If you read many online blogs you may have noticed they are going to larger type. Here is how I updated the site.

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SMC Reset

HardwareChip 256

This is a really good article on how to reset the SMC (System Management Controller) on various Macintosh computers. If you have a Mac is acting weird sometimes a SMC reset can fix the issue(s). The SMC reset is a valuable tool along with a few other popular, standard tech fixes in the Mac universe.


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Terminal Adjustments


No, I am not making my final arrangements!! I wanted to talk to you about the Terminal app in OS X. If you do not venture into using the Terminal app you may not need this info, but you might give it a read anyway. I am not a Unix code guy, but I do use the Terminal at times to perform various functions and fixes on my Macs.

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Mac Troubleshooting

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This is a great article on troubleshooting your Mac for software or hardware problems. I have used many of these techniques for years. It is a good system to use while working through Mac issues. Give it a read, you might want to print it out or save it as a PDF for future use.


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Missing Dock Icons

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Apparently there is an issue with people’s Dock icons coming up missing in the Mavericks OS. Yesterday, I fell pray to this evil Mavericks plot on my iMac. I tried restarting, but no joy. I did some research online and discovered this is a fairly common problem in the current version of Mavericks. But, no worries, there is a fix.

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HD Health


This is a very good article on troubleshooting a possibly failing hard drive. I highly recommend it. If your Mac is using a traditional platter HD (that means moving parts) it will fail eventually. Most of the time, but not always, it will give you little signs of it’s impending doom. This article just talks about ways to check the drive for issues. Give it a read.


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Internet Security X8


Intego released an updated version of VirusBarrier, only now days they call it Internet Security X8 which contains VirusBarrier and NetBarrier. VirusBarrier protects against viruses and malware and NetBarrier protects against network intrusions. I have mentioned many times that it is a good idea for Mac people to have some type of Virus/malware protection.

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Macaw 1.0


I have used several website production programs over the years including Dreamweaver, RapidWeaver, iWeb, Freeway Pro and WordPress. My go to tool for the last several years has been Freeway Pro, a very powerful and intuitive website design app. A new player is on the scene however, called Macaw. This is a very interesting and fun app for website design.

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Using Disk Images


If you own a Mac you have opened a Disk Image file a time or two. But what most people don’t realize is they can make Disk Images with the Disk Utility app. This is a really good article on how to use the Disk Utility app to make various kinds and sizes of Disk Images. Give it a read. It may prompt you on ways to use Disk Images in your workflow.


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Hardware Test


Apple has provided a way to test the hardware on your Mac for many years. It is called, Hardware Test (catchy name right?). If your Mac is acting up and you suspect it is a hardware issue you can run the Hardware Test. Be advised, it might be a good idea to have a USB mouse plugged in first. Your wireless mouse will be rendered inoperable during this procedure.

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