Mail Drop

One of the many new features in Yosemite is Mail Drop in Apple Mail. It is a simple feature for sending large file attachments on emails, but will be very helpful to people. I did a few tests and it functioned flawlessly.

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Finder Timesavers

This is a really good article on ways to save time using the Mac OS X Finder. I have used some of them over time, they are handy. Anything that saves time and makes me more efficient is OK with me. Give it a read and see if it can help you.


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Everweb Update

Previously I have posted an article about a very cool iWeb replacement program called Everweb. I have used it to reproduce a few of my websites. But, recently I decided to try to re-do my largest website for our local garden club. This rather large project has magnified Everweb’s pros and it’s cons.

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Push Notifications

If you are running Mavericks OS and are wondering what those popup notes were that say something like “The website YouNameIt would like to send push notifications to Notifications Center” wonder no more. They are push notifications from various websites asking permission to send you content updates from time to time in the Notifications Center on your Mac. This article explains how they work.


Clear & iCloud Drive


This is a quick update of my previous iCloud Drive article. I have discovered that one of my favorite apps, Clear by Realmac Software no longer works. Clear is a To Do and reminder app that uses iCloud to sync it’s lists between the Mac, iPhone and iPad. It works a treat, but not if you upgrade to the iCloud Drive. Sure it will be fixed soon. Just a FYI if you are a Clear user.


iCloud Drive


When I first setup the Yosemite Beta on an external HD I declined to setup the iCloud Drive. There were rumors that it messed up your iCloud experience and I did not wish to take a chance with it. Since then I have become convinced that it is a pretty seamless experience so I went ahead and set it up.

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Preview Image Conversion


On occasion I need to convert an image from .jpg file format to say .png or something similar. Most of the time I just use the Preview app in OS X. This is a good article on how to do these conversions, they are fairly simple. Of course, if I have to convert an obscure file format to a more useable one I use Graphic Converter. It converts just about anything. But, for the typical image file formats, Preview is quick and easy.


Yosemite Printer Setup

Print icon

I have been playing around in Yosemite with the usual functionality like the Finder, Printing, etc. I just setup my printers in 10.10 and all went well. However, some people are having problems getting certain printers to work in Yosemite. It seems like it is mostly printer driver issues, companies needing to update their drivers for Yosemite. The recommended fix is to delete the printer and set it up again.

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