Yosemite Beta 3

Apple released Yosemite Beta 3 a few days ago. Of course, I updated my Yosemite install on my external HD and have been using it for a bit. It seems to be OK, but a few things have been tweaked a bit.

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iOS 8 Install?

I have read so many articles on who should update their iDevice to iOS 8 or not. This article about ‘not updating right a way’ is very balanced and worth your time. As for me, I am waiting a couple of days before updating my iPad 3 and iPhone 5s. Apple’s servers will be jammed anyway. How about you?


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Path Finder – 1

I have used OS X Finder replacements for years. They just have more functionality and usually work quite well. Recently, I switched back to a very cool app called Path Finder by Cocoatech. There are several Finder replacement apps, but none are as comprehensive or as sophisticated as Path Finder.

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iOS 8 Mail

In preparation for the release of iOS 8 on this Wednesday Sept. 17, I offer this informative article on new swipe gestures in the iOS 8 Mail application. Any improvements to the iOS Mail is fine by me. I am sure I will be using some of these gestures in the very near future.


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iTunes Yosemite

Apple just released ver. 12 of iTunes in Yosemite Beta 2. It has been ported over to the flat Yosemite look in every way. Apple touts a few improvements like Family Content Sharing and a new redesigned menu system. Here it is compared to the old iTunes.

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Prepare For Yosemite

This is a very good article on what to do to prepare for Yosemite OS 10.10. I especially like the suggestions to back up your iCloud area and also saving the Yosemite download to install on other machines. After all, it will be about 5GB in size so why download it multiple times.


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CleanMyMac 2 Followup

I thought I would enlarge my recent article on CleanMyMac 2 (CMM2). I really did not feel I had enough room to elaborate on the uninstall feature at that time. Since that article I have used it to clean out several old applications. It seems to work seamlessly.

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Apple Event

Wow!! Apple has outdone themselves yet again!! Just got through watching the Apple Event at the Flint Center in Cupertino on the live feed from Apple. The quality and sophistication of the new products is astounding. It is almost like Apple’s creativity is compounding exponentially over time.

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