NewsBar iCloud Newsreader

I have used Newsreaders with website RSS feeds off and on over the years. You would not really need one of these Apps if you visit only a few websites during the day. However, if you monitor several Tech or News websites as I do, a newsreader comes in really handy. They list the most recent articles on the website (an aggregate) for you to review. If something interests you, just click on it and you are taken to the full article on the website. Newsreaders are real time savers. Recently, I decided to get back to using a newsreader, here are my final findings.


I searched everywhere online for newsreader software for my iMac, but finally ended up at the App Store. There are bunches of newsreaders in the App Store. After careful examination, I ended up buying the NewsBar iCloud Newsreader. This is a very cool App. For $4.99 it really is full-featured. Plus, they have an iOS version as well. 

When you first install NewsBar it places your listings on the left side of the scree:

NewsReader SlideOut

This is a slide out window. When you want the window to be out of your way, just click the small triangle in the upper left corner of the menu area:

NewsBar Away

The window slides back into the left edge of your Desktop. This is a very cool feature. As you can see, your groups keep a running total of new articles that have not been read. Whenever you wish to read one of your groups, you click on the tab and the NewsBar window slides out for you’re viewing. You can also scroll up and down the list. When you locate an article that interests you, click on it and it slides out for your review:

NewsBar Review

This is such a cool feature. For many articles this slide out presents enough information for me. However, if you wish to read the full article you can click on the “Open in browser” button and be taken to the hosting website.

NewsBar Preferences

NewsBar has some thoughtful preferences which are accessed from the menubar. The General Tab has the most settings:

NewsBar General

In General, you can set all your refresh rates and some other goodies. Take note of the “iCloud sync” at the bottom of the window. If you will use the iOS version of NewsBar you need to have this enabled. I installed NewsBar on my iPad. With “iCloud sync” enabled I on my Mac, my news groups came up automatically in the iPad version. That is a very nice touch.

The News feeds Tab is where all the action is in NewsBar. This is where you add your groups and then add RSS news feeds into each group:


As long as NewsBar is set as your Default Newsfeed App you can click on an RSS feed on a website to add it to the App:


Once the feed is in NewsBar, you have to go into the News feed Tab and drag it into the correct group.

There are other settings in the NewsBar Preferences area. I just wanted to mention the Appearance Tab:

NewsBar Appearance

There are all kinds of important settings in this area. Settings like “Placement,” “Background Color and Opacity,” “Text Color” among others. You can pretty much tweak NewsBars appearance so it fits your workflow.


NewsBar is a very sophisticated App. It will meet my news aggregating needs very nicely. I am sure I will grow into the various potentialities of the App over time. If you are looking for a news aggregator, I highly recommend NewsBar. You cannot go wrong for $4.99. If you are really into it, you can get the iOS version for $1.99.