2019 iMac RAM Upgrade

I finally got the 32 GB of extra RAM for my new 2019 iMac. I bought it from OWC (Other World Computing), they have very reliable RAM. The 32 GB came in the form of two 16 GB sticks, the 27” iMac has four RAM ports. Here is a brief overview of the RAM install.

RAM Install

The 2019 iMac came with the base 8 GB of RAM in the form of two 4 GB sticks. The RAM bay on the new 2019 iMac has not changed from previous models. It is located on the back of the machine just above the electrical receptacle:


To access the RAM bay you need to use a screwdriver or something pointed and push on the small button just about the electrical plug:

RAM Popup

The RAM bay door pops open. Just remove it to expose the RAM slots:

RAM Slots

There are two open memory slots for the RAM chips. Pay particular attention to that little upraised piece of plastic inside the RAM slot. Each RAM chip has a slot in the bottom near the RAM pins. That slot on the RAM chip fits onto that upraised piece inside the RAM slot. Now, when you put it in you have to push fairly hard on the chip. The chip will snap into that slot and be level with the chips that are already in the machine. But, I am getting ahead of myself.

Before you can install the new RAM, you have to raise up the RAM Bay receptacle by pushing those two handles with arrows on them outward:

RAM Handles

Push the handles outward, up and out it pops. After you pull the RAM bay outward, you then snap in the RAM, you cannot do it before that. Once the RAM has been installed you just push the two handles back down inside the RAM bay. The cover then snaps back on. Here is the RAM I got from OWC, there are two chips inside that package:


32 GB of RAM is not cheap, but I should be good to go for quite a while. I could max out this machine with 64 GB, but I do not believe I would ever need that much RAM and I am not sure it would make the machine run any better.

If you are wondering why I upgraded from the original 8 GB of RAM the answer is simple. I run many Apps at one time, hence the additional RAM makes all that work much better. Yes, the macOS will use some type of swap feature with the System hard drive if you run out of RAM, but rest assured RAM has always been and always will be much faster than even a SSD drive. I mean it is way faster, trust me. I have seen some articles stating RAM is anywhere from 50 to 500 times faster than a SSD. Whether or not those numbers are accurate, suffice it to say RAM is way faster. So, you want your Apps to be running in RAM to get the most speed out of your system that you can. 

However, there is one more reason to upgrade the RAM here. I use the Parallels Virtual Desktop App quite a bit to run a Beta of Mojave and a Windows 10 system. You cannot even boot up Parallels with 8 GB of RAM, it just don’t work, you know what I mean?


I am glad to have this additional RAM. As far as I know, I am good to go with this new 2019 iMac. What a great machine, looking forward to using it for a long time.