Add Apps Back On Your Home Screen

If you use several Apps on you iPhone like I do, then you end up moving them around at times. Occasionally, you move some of the them off your Home Screen, either deleting them altogether, or just storing them in the App Library. I am sure there are times when you end up needing an App that you have stored in the App Library. It is easy to restore an App to the iPhone Home Screen. Here is how you do that.

Restore To Home Screen

Begin by sliding your iPhone screen from right to left until you are in the App Library.

iOS App Library

Next, just start typing the name of the App in the search box.

App Library Search Box

In this instance, I am looking for the Enterprise Rent-A-Car App.

Enter App Name

Once the App is displayed in the window below, tap and hold on it and select “Add to Home Screen”.

Add To Home Screen

You should find the App in question on one of the Home Screens on your phone.

Find App On Home Screen

That is all there is to it.


Moving an App from the App Library to one of your Home Screens is easy. It only takes a few seconds to accomplish.