Add Email Address To iOS Messages

Most people have several Emails and a phone number or two in their iOS Apple ID Messages App. That means they can send and receive texts using any of these identifiers. Recently, I got a new Email address and wanted to add it to the “Send & Receive” area of the Messages App on my iPhone. Here is how you do that.

Adding Email Addresses

To add an Email address to your Send & Receive list in iOS Messages you start in your Apple ID Account in Settings.

Once in this area just tap on Name, Phone Numbers, Email.

In the next window you will see the “Reachable At” section (I am blocking out lots of information on these screens for obvious reasons). In this section tap on “Edit” to get into the add area.

In the “Reachable At” add area, just tap on Add Email or Phone Number.

In the next screen just add the new Email account and tap “Next” in the upper portion of the window.

The text below the Email line says you will receive a verification code at this new Email address. All you have to do is enter the verification from your Email address into the iOS window and the new address will be added to the Send & Receive section of the Messages settings.


Adding an email or phone number to the iOS Messages App is fairly easy.