App Store Information

In keeping with our series of articles on using the Mac App Store, I thought this additional information might be helpful. The Mac App Store page for a specific application contains all kinds of information that may be useful to determine if an App will work for you. Here is some of that information that you may wish to consider before your purchase.

App Store Information

Pretty much all the Apps in the Mac App Store have a listing for the developer’s Website and Support page.

Here is the main page for Spark Email. If you click on the Website link, you go to the developer’s website. Of more interest should be the Support page. It is not a bad idea to check the developer’s Support page to see how well the App is supported.

In this case, it appears Spark is pretty well-supported. Readdle is a good company with several Apps. Plus, they have easily accessible Contact information.

If you look at the first image above, you will see customer reviews of the App down below the website link. This may be helpful in determining if this App has serious problems and if it would fit into your workflow.


The Mac App Store contains a great deal of information on the Apps. It is a good idea to check some of it out before making a purchase.