Author: Douglas Canning

This is just a heads up if you have updated to iOS 10.3. Apparently, iOS 10.3 has a glitch where it resets some iCloud settings...
A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away I used a fun little clipboard app called CuteClips. I don’t remember why I moved..
Sometimes your printers Default settings do not coincide with how you want things to work. In that case you need to change the printers “Default”..
In each new iteration of the Mac or iOS Apple adds new, “cutting edge” features. Yes, the new features are cool, but not everyone will..
This may not be for the masses, but then again you might find it comes in handy. I am talking about a really helpful program..
I installed the macOS 10.12.4 update yesterday using the Combo Updater. On this occasion I restarted into Safe Boot mode (Restart Mac while holding down..
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