Author: Douglas Canning

I am always looking for ways to improve my iOS experience. Occasionally, I come across various tips on things you can do in iOS 9...
In my previous article on Macs Fan Control I mentioned trying to bring my iMac temps down. After using Macs Fan Control for a while..
I am not trying to beat a dead horse folks, but I am in the process of testing the excellent Qrecall backup app with the..
Apple released the 10.11.3 update to El Capitan this week. I installed it on my machines. Here is the list of fixes (mostly under the..
The other day Diskwarrior warned me that the temperature of my Late 2012 iMac was too high and it could damage my hard drive. That..
I try not to get too technical with my articles, but I know some of the things I cover are not for "Newbies". However, if..
Well, I have been using Qrecall for a while now and wanted to present a little more information on this App. My Qrecall backup has..
It seems like the Tech Blogs all have a couple of staples throughout. One is Apple Mail problems, the other is Time Machine backup problems...
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