Author: Douglas Canning

This is a great article on different ways to adjust your Mac login. It covers "Automatic Login" (no login screen) to various other ways to..
I do a lot of articles on Macessence every month. But, for once I thought I would followup on a few of them just to..
I have done several articles on Apple Mail over the last year or so. I am still with Postbox myself, but Apple has improved the..
This is a very informative article from iPhone Life Magazine on ways to deal with an unresponsive app in iOS. Don't know if you have..
I am always looking for ways to improve my iOS experience. Occasionally, I come across various tips on things you can do in iOS 9...
In my previous article on Macs Fan Control I mentioned trying to bring my iMac temps down. After using Macs Fan Control for a while..
I am not trying to beat a dead horse folks, but I am in the process of testing the excellent Qrecall backup app with the..
Apple released the 10.11.3 update to El Capitan this week. I installed it on my machines. Here is the list of fixes (mostly under the..
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