Author: Douglas Canning

There are times when disaster strikes and we need to try to recover data from a Mac. You can have someone else retrieve the data,..
Some friends and I got to talking about converting some audio files into .mp3 format and then sending them to the Internet. They needed to..
Recently my granddaughter asked me to scan about 50 photos into the Mac for a family collage she is creating. At first I started out..
The Find My Friends iPhone/iPad app has been available for quite a while. I just started playing around with it recently. It is so fun..
I cannot believe the constant entries on Mac blogs about problems with Apple Mail. This is a good article about fixes for Mail not sending..
I have used Finder enhancement applications in OS X for many years. I started out using TotalFinder from Binaryage Software and then moved on to..
This is a good article describing the Responsive Design viewing features of Safari 9, soon to be released in El Capitan OS X. If you..
Apple released the first beta of the new El Capitan version of OS X. Of course, I am in the beta program and had to..
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