Author: Douglas Canning

This is a very informative article on the "Split View" feature in the new Photos app. As people work with the Photos app in Yosemite..
This is URGENT!! In my travels on the web I have come across a warning by Malwarebytes, a very good malware company. There is a..
I don’t know about you but I have used Apple’s Disk Utility app for many, many years. One of the features I have used the..
In my last article on the Twitter app Tweetbot I covered it's general funtionality and one of it's very cool features called Mute Filters. Today..
If you are using Apple Music then you need to read this article. It contains some very useful tips on how to use Apple Music..
Early on I was into using Twitter a fair amount of the time, then I kind of dropped out for a while, but now I..
This is a good article on how to use OS X and Spotlight to look up definitions, map locations, movies, etc. It really falls back..
I was going to wait until the next beta release of El Capitan to cover some of it’s capabilities, but I am totally intrigued by..
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