Author: Douglas Canning

Yes! I have finally decided to change the theme of the Macessence blog. My previous theme was many years old. I just thought I needed..
Well, I have installed the 10.10.3 Yosemite Beta so I can play with the new Photos App, the replacement for iPhoto and Aperture. I made..
Hardly anyone knows much about or what to do with the Keychain Access application in the Mac OS. It can be a life saver or..
I have used iPhoto Library Manager by Fat Cats Software off and on for many years. This is not going to be a full review of their..
I cannot count the times in my tech support career that I have dealt with Macs (especially laptops) with “high fan” noise and overheating. There..
Just watched the Apple Watch keynote. Whoa! The Apple Watch is going to sell like hotcakes! But, the “next big thing” I liked the most..
OS X’s spellcheck capabilities are pretty good. Of course, they don’t have every word from everywhere in their dictionary, but you can always add them...
Don’t know if you noticed any problems on your Mac but adware, malware and other kinds of “crapware” have increased dramatically over the last year..
As time goes by there are many reasons that you may need your Macintosh common name (Late 2012 iMac) or exact Model number (iMac 13,2)..
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