Author: Douglas Canning

If you are using the new Photos app in Yosemite you may be wondering how to compare a currently edited photo with the original. Apple..
As you know from several of my previous articles I have several backups of my iMac (mission critical machine). One of those backups is Apple's..
In my previous article on iPhone Storage Management I mentioned researching Facebook app issues on my iPhone. The Facebook app can be quite a memory..
This is a very helpful article on how to use Emoji in Yosemite. I use Emoji characters quite frequently. The Yosemite implementation of them is..
Recently I was reading an article about the Facebook app on the iPhone which lead me into the whole topic of storage management. I have..
In my last article on CCM3 I covered an overview of the app and the Mail Attachments cleanup section. Now I want to cover the..
A while back I did a review of the excellent Mac cleanup utility app CleanMyMac from Macpaw software. Macpaw has just released CleanMyMac 3 (CMM3) with..
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