Author: Douglas Canning

In the old days if you wanted to “Zoom” a window in the Mac OS you just clicked on the green button in the upper..
If you are like me you will run at least one Mail application plugin. There are many of them available, they do enhance Mail’s functionality..
Apple has designed their screenshots in OS X to have a shadow for last several several iterations of OS X. It looks kind of cool,..
This is a good article on how prevent malware Masque from attaching your iOS device. Masque allows a malicious program disguised as an app to be..
When you purchase software through the App Store on your Mac it remembers. The software is purchased under an Apple ID. Then, after you purchase..
Apple released the 10.10.1 update for Yosemite yesterday. It is about 312 MB and can be downloaded form the Mac App Store and installed. I..
I have used 1Password from Agilebits software for many years to store my passwords and other online information. It is the Cadillac of password programs. If you..
I use a fair amount of YouTube videos on this blog and in other capacities as well. So, I have a need to be able..
A while back I did an article on the document Versions feature in Mountain Lion and Mavericks. It was a fairly nice little known and probably little..
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