Author: Douglas Canning

Apple released Yosemite Beta 2 yesterday. Of course, I downloaded and installed it right a way. It took quite a long time to get installed,..
This is a really good article on things you can do to make the Preview app in OS X a more productive tool. I have implemented these..
I run several websites from a “Reseller” account. Recently, all of my websites stopped loading and/or were very slow in loading in a web browser...
One of the many new features in Yosemite is Mail Drop in Apple Mail. It is a simple feature for sending large file attachments on..
This is a really good article on ways to save time using the Mac OS X Finder. I have used some of them over time,..
Previously I have posted an article about a very cool iWeb replacement program called Everweb. I have used it to reproduce a few of my..
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