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For whatever reason my iMac Display keeps pushing some of my Desktop items off the top of the Display area during my workday. I have no idea why it does this, it is not fixed in Mojave 10.14.2, hopefully, the next update will fix this problem. In the meantime I have to fix this issue manually by going into System Preferences which is a real drag. So, to eliminate some of the hassle I made a macro script that does it for me.

Automator Workflow

The first step in automating this screen resize process is creating an Automator Workflow:

Automator Workflow
Automator Workflow

Once you have a blank Workflow you can click on the Record Button and manually record the steps of the resize process:

Record Process
Record Process

Here are the steps I recorded to reset my iMac Display so that some items are not off the screen:

Automator Recording
Automator Recording

You can see the Recorded Process in the window. It involves opening System Preferences, clicking the Display Button, clicking the Scaled radio button, and selecting the next lowest screen resolution. Once the screen is at the lower resolution, you select the original resolution and then close the System Preferences window.

If you look in the upper right corner of the above image you will see that I am running this at about 5X the normal speed. I tried to run it faster, but it did not run correctly.

There was no way to activate this script in Automator that I could find so it was off to Keyboard Maestro.

Keyboard Maestro

Keyboard Maestro is a great App for automating things in your macOS System. One of its many capabilities is to run Automator Scripts. In Keyboard Maestro I made a new Macro and called it “Screen Resize”:

Screen Size Macro
Screen Size Macro

Then I did the following:

  1. I set the “hot key” to F17. So, when I press F17 on my keyboard the Macro is activated.
  2. In the Workflow window I navigated to and selected the Automator Script I had previously created.

Then I saved the Macro and did a test run by hitting the F17 key. All ran very well.

You could use a procedure like this to set your screen resolution to other sizes for various video or image editing projects. The uses for this type of Macro are limitless.


Automating tasks in your daily workflow is totally cool and can save you time. I am not a high end script writer, but you can sometimes figure things out by trial and error. Nothing ventured, nothing gained here. Give it a try and please tell me about whatever Macros you create.

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