Big Sur Hard Drive Icons

I just updated my macOS Big Sure Developer Beta to version 6. It all works just fine still retaining snappy response times for all things. After the installation I noticed the icons for hard drives had changed. Maybe this had occurred in a previous Beta, but I just noticed it today. Here is what the hard drive icons look like in Big Sur.

Hard Drive Icons

As previously mentioned, the Big Sur interface has been iOSified. That has bled over onto the hard drive icons. Here is what hard drives look like in Big Sur:

The External hard drive icons have changed to a more rounded 3D look. The Internal hard drive icon has a more detailed look as well. Here is another example:

The new rounded look is very noticeable. I really like it.


This is no great epiphany. I just wanted to mention it as part of the new look and feel of macOS Big Sur.