Yesterday, Apple started requiring all third party apps that use iCloud services to have an App-Specific password. I started using App-Specific passwords a while back,..
Email is just a fact of life. The bottomline is how we handle and manage it. If you get lots of email and are using..
Since I am reviewing apps by Antnotes I thought I would consider there To-Do Lists app. Again, this is another one-horse-band. It costs $4.99 at..
I received an email add for a sticky notes app the other day. That got me to thinking about having a “sticky note” app on..
OK, now this is very cool. Apparently, Apple streamlined the storage options in iCloud during the WWDC this week. You get much great value. If..
Do you have some type of software on your Mac to check for Malware? How often do you actually use this software to check your..
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