People have been having WiFi issues in Yosemite for quite a while. The latest 10.10.2 update resolved many of these, but some problems still linger...
I have used AirDrop from time to time over the years to transfer files from one Mac to another over a local network. It is..
I believe I have done an article in the past about resetting your print system in OS X, but this article is a good reminder. If you are experiencing..
In my previous article on the new OmniOutliner Pro 4.0 I covered the new Themes feature. Today I want to go over the Styles feature in the..
I really like the ability to answer my iPhone calls on my Mac using the Continuity/Handoff feature of Yosemite and iOS 8. However, to some..
For years I have used a very sophisticated program called OmniOutliner Pro for all my outlining needs. It is produced by the OmniGroup Software people who make..
I have done a previous article on the Mail Drop feature of Yosemite Mail, but this article has a bit more detail. I have used this feature and it..
Wow! Apple released a bunch of updates a couple of days ago. I think they updated just about everything that can be updated. Of course..
The Disk Utility application in your Utilities folder does all kinds of good things besides formatting hard drives and other media. This article describes several things that..
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