I have tons of apps on my iMac some of which I use profusely and others only occasionally. For years I just kept the purchase..
I am not a big Spotlight user, never have been anyway. However, because of it’s increased functionality in Yosemite, I think I may be using..
Well, I signed up for the Yosemite Beta. Apple sent me an email with a “Redemption Code” for the install. I had previously installed Mavericks..
This is a very thorough article on steps to take to reset a Mac to factory specs. I have done something similar to this for years as..
Apple has released a firmware update for the mid-2011 MacBook Air. This article explains how to get and install it. I had to go to the download..
Apparently Apple is going to release the first public beta of Yosemite later this month. I for one am looking forward to it. I have my..
I am looking into moving from using Time Machine for my backups to a more sophisticated third party application (more on this in another article)...
This is a pretty cool trick to use if you have printed something to the wrong printer. Especially if the printer is turned off or is in..
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