One of the things I have never liked about the Safari web browser is it’s lack of functionality for sorting a myriad of bookmarks. So,..
I would say I mostly agree with this article on when and how to do maintenance on your Macintosh. I might do it a little more often..
Yes, I am thinking about switching! No, not from the Mac, from DSL broadband to Cable broadband. I have used my local DSL provider for..
This is pretty interesting. Apparently, older versions of the Flash plugin have some serious security flaws (gee what a surprise, it’s Adobe right). So serious..
OK, this is totally cool. This article describes how to add an item to your Services Menu in OS X that will print any text you select...
OK, I am still open to OS X disk optimizing applications. But, these days I am doing a lot more research on them to make..
A few articles ago I mentioned installing the 10.9.4 Mavericks update. All is running well, it is quite snappy. However, I did run into a..
With the demise of Apple’s Aperture application many people are looking for alternatives including yours truly. I want to make clear from the outset, I..
This is a good article on different ways to create a Recovery USB drive for newer Macs. The easiest way these days is to use Apple’s Recovery..
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