In my previous article I demonstrated artifacts in photos in HEIC format from my iPhone 8 Plus. As a result, I started using a different..
There are several articles on Macessence about backing up your Macs. I did not think one more would hurt, especially since it describes a very..
Yes, I have warned about privacy issues with Facebook in the past, but I have locked down my Facebook account pretty well. If you are..
In previous articles on computer security I have mentioned Google as one of the worst culprits at using your information without your permission. Between Facebook..
Many of Apple’s and Third Party Apps have a “Substitutions” feature which allows you to substitute stuff like this “--“ with a Smart Dash like..
I have covered the macOS Wireless Diagnostics App in a previous article. However, I only covered the Default testing method. There are other, more granular..
As you know I am somewhat fickle when it comes to email applications. Lately, I have been using Spark and Airmail instead of the Default..
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