Change HEIC Photos Back To JPEG

A while back I mentioned finding some artifacts in some of my HEIC photos from my iPhone. Since that time I have stopped using the HEIC format for iPhone photos. I pretty much just use JPEG. On occasion I use the RAW format in my Camera+ App. HEIC is very efficient saving lots of space, but it just is not worth the hassle in my opinion. If you are using HEIC and wish to switch your iOS Camera App to JPEG then do the following.

Switching to JPEG Format

Go into your Settings area, scroll down and tap on the Camera App:

Camera App

Once in this area scroll down and tap on Formats:


Now all you have to do is tap on Most Compatible and your iOS Camera is taking JPEGs once again:

Most Compatible

If you wish to convert a HEIC photo the best thing to do is AirDrop or Email it to your Mac and convert it with the Preview App. There are third party Apps in the App Store that do this type of conversion, but if you only need to convert a few images just use Preview.


Yes, you do save space with the HEIC photo format. If you are not having any problems with it, then you are good to go. However, if you need to have your photos is a more generic, easy to use format, then just switch the Camera to JPEG mode.