Changing The Mac Safari Start Page

Many people have their Mac Safari browser setup to open with the Start Page. The Safari Start Page can contain all kinds of information like Favorites, Frequently Visited, Reader and other sections. The Start Page gives you easy access to all these sections. If you use the Start Page, you can customize it to your workflow by removing or adding which sections you prefer. Here is how you do that.

Start Page Customization

The Safari Start Page looks something like this.1

You can right-click on these images and select “Open in new window” to see them in full size. If you click on the “Customize Button” in the bottom right corner of the Start Page Window, you are presented with a list of things to add or remove from the page.

In my case, I am going to remove “Privacy Report” and “Siri Suggestions” by unchecking them.

Those sections are now removed from the page. If you wish to remove an item from inside one of the sections on the page, just right-click on it and choose “Delete” from the menu.

This allows even more customization of the Start Page.


I don’t know if you use the Start Page, but it can be make your Safari browser more functional.

  1. Your Start Page may vary.