Check Your Find My

The Find My feature has been in iOS and macOS for a while. It can be very helpful if your iPhone or other Apple device is misplaced or stolen. I have never had any of my equipment stolen, but I have used Find My to locate my iPhone. It is not a bad idea to review your Apple devices, Find My status occasionally. It is easy to do in the macOS, here is how that works.

Find My

You can review the Find My status of all your Apple devices in the Apple ID System Preference Pane in macOS.

In the next window, scroll down and click on any of your devices in the left sidebar area.

This is the Find My for my wife’s MacBook Air.

The Find My is on, which is appropriate for a portable device. If you click on the “View on Web” button, you can log in to your Apple ID account and locate the device.

Here is the Find My for my iPhone 11.

I had to block out some information, but you get the idea. Believe it or not, I even have Find My activated for my iMac. It is not too likely that I would have to use it for the iMac, but it cannot hurt any.


The Find My feature is very handy for Apple portable devices. It is a good idea to check it occasionally to make sure it is activated.