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I have written fairly extensively about a very cool app called CleanMyMac 2 from MacPaw software. CMM2 is a Mac optimizing program, a cleanup program if you will. However, I have never really covered what CMM2 can do with Extensions (or Plugins if you prefer) in the Mac system.

The other day I was doing some cleanup on my 2012 iMac with CMM2. Only this time I thought I would delve into the Extensions area. One of the things I looked at was Internet Plugins. Here is the CMM2 window for Internet Plugins:

As you can see I have several Internet Plugins. However, when I looked through them I discovered several I was no longer using. I tried out the LastPass , revWeb development  and Datavault programs for a while. I am no longer using them so I could delete their Internet Plugins. As you can see from the screenshot I checked their boxes and then clicked “Remove” at the bottom of the CMM2 window. When I did I was presented with this permission window:

CMM2 is a careful program, always double-checking to make sure you are not deleting something crucial to your operation. When you are finished it takes you to this screen listing what was deleted and how much space you saved:

If you are using CMM2 (if you are not I recommend that you do) you may wish to consider doing a little manual cleanup of your Mac in the Extensions area. A word to the wise however, be careful in there. Only delete stuff you are sure you no longer need.


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