Cleanup Your iCloud Stuff

Most Mac people use the free or a paid iCloud account to back up and store stuff. Whether you have plenty of iCloud storage space, it is not a bad idea to check what is being stored up there occasionally. Here is an easy way to do that on your Mac.

iCloud Storage

Of course, you access iCloud storage in the System Preferences on your Mac.

System Preferences

When in this area, click on “iCloud” in the sidebar which shows all the services using iCloud on your Mac. Then, click on the the “Options” button next to the “iCloud Drive”.

iCloud Drive

Now, you will see all the Apps that store Documents and Data in iCloud.

Data List

Every checked item stores either Data or Documents (or both) in iCloud. Now scroll through this list and uncheck any App that does not need to use up your iCloud space or use iCloud to sync to other devices.


I don’t use GoodNotes too much, I do not need to store any GoodNotes material in iCloud. So, all I have to do is uncheck that App.

Remove Stuff

I have been through this list twice and deactivated Data storage for several Apps. I encourage you to do likewise. Just take a good look in there and turn off any Apps that do not really need to interact with your iCloud Drive.


iCloud can be very handy for storing Documents and enable your Apps to sync across devices. However, it does need a little managing at times.