Contacts Cleanup

If you are a conscientious Mac owner, you are running some type of Maintenance routines on your system from time to time. There are some great tools out there for keeping our Macs running at top speed and efficiency. But, there are other things we can do to “cleanup” our Mac workflow. One of those is doing a little work on our Contacts list.

Contacts Cleanup

I don’t know about you, but over time I accumulate unneeded  or duplicate contacts in my system. So, every so often I go through my Contacts manually and just plain remove ones that are no longer needed. This is usually a fairly small amount of contacts, but it is still nice to clean things up.

The other way to clean up your Contacts is to look for and merge Duplicates. For what ever reason, I think we all end up with duplicate contacts. I use the BusyContacts contact manager. However, BusyContacts is really just an addition to and a front end for the system Contacts application. So, the best way to find and merge duplicates is to use the macOS Contacts App:

System Contacts

Be sure to select “All Contacts” before proceeding. Then go to the “Card” menu and select “Look for Duplicates”:

Card Menu

If the he Contacts App finds Duplicates it will come back with a message like this:


I strongly urge you to read the drop down message! The Contacts App is saying it is not only going to merge duplicate cards, but duplicate information as well. If there is some reason you do not wish to do this, then just click “Cancel.” In my case I clicked “Merge” and 11 duplicate cards and 5 duplicate entries were merged.


I suppose this is not a big deal, but keep in mind that lots of Apps (the Mail App for instance) use your Contacts in the macOS. It is just plain efficient to keep your Contacts cleaned up. It will save you some time and help these other Apps work better as well.