Delete iPhone & iPad Screenshots

If you do any kind of tech support for friends or family, you probably end up taking some screenshots on your iPhone or iPad. You know the old saying, “one picture is worth a thousand words”. Those screenshots can take up valuable room on your device. It is a good idea to delete them when they are no longer needed. Here is how you do that.

Delete Screenshots

You need to be in the Photos App to delete the screenshots.

Tap on the “Albums” icon at the bottom of the page. You will end up in this area.

Now, scroll down until you get into the “Media Types” section.

Tap on “Screenshots” which takes you into all of your screenshots in thumbnail format.

You can tap on each photo to delete it, but if you are like me, it is much easier to just tap on the “Select” menu at the top of the screen. Then tap on “Select All”.

All your screenshots are selected.

Now, tap on the Trash Symbol, you will get this typical warning message.

Tap on “Delete Photos” to remove your screenshots.

Obviously, if you only have a few screenshots, you will not save much space on your device. If you are like me, I tend to forget about the screenshots which build up over time. You may end up deleting a bunch of screenshots at this screen.

Deleting screenshots on an iPad is very similar. When you open the Photos App, just scroll down to the Media Types section in the left sidebar. Deletion of the screenshots is very similar to the iPhone from that point forward.


We are always cognizant of iPhone and iPad space limitations. One way to recapture some space on these devices is to delete any screenshots in the Photos App.