Free Up Mac Space By Deleting Apps

Occasionally, I cover ways to reclaim hard drive space on your Mac SSD drive. One way to free up space, albeit a bit drastic, is to delete Apps you are not using from your Mac. For Apps in the Mac App Store, this is quite easy. If you need the App at a future time, you can just reinstall it from the App Store. Here is how easy this is.

Delete Apps

You can delete an App from the Finder by dragging it to the Trash. But, if you want to make sure it is from the Mac App Store, it is best to use the Lauchpad App. In my case, I have not used the Affinity Publisher App for quite a while. I don’t wish to get rid of it altogether, so I am just going to delete it on Launchpad; I can install it later if I need it. Affinity Publisher is quite large. 

Affinity Size

As you can see, Affinity Publisher is 2.5 GB. If you are short on hard drive space, recouping 2.5 GB would be very helpful.

To locate Affinity Publisher in Launchpad, just do a search for it.

Launchpad Search

Here is Affinity Publisher in Launchpad.

Affinity Publisher

To delete the App, hold down the Option Key ⌥ which causes the Apps to jiggle. Then all you have to do is click on the small “x” in the App icon.

Delete X

A delete warning message appears. Just click the “Delete” button and the App is removed.

Delete Button

This should remove the App and its support files from your system. 

Deleting third-party Apps is either done by dragging them to the Trash from the Finder, using an uninstaller provided for the App or a third-party deletion App that removes the App and its support files.


There are other things you can do to free up space on your Mac, but if things are looking drastic, then try deleting some Mac App Store programs to free up space. If you end up needing those Apps at some point, you can always reinstall them.