iCloud+ Storage

All Mac and iPhone users have a minimum 5 GB iCloud storage. Apple offers iCloud+ with increased storage and other features. If you have any number of photos or other things to store on iCloud, you will probably want to upgrade to iCloud+. Here is how you do that.


To upgrade to iCloud+ you need to go into Settings and your iCloud account on iOS.

In the next window, tap on iCloud.

Then, tap on Manage Storage.

If you look in that list of stuff, you will find Change Storage Plan.

The next window displays the various storage plans. I used to have 200 GB, but I did not need that much space, so I changed it to 50 GB.

In the overall scheme of things, Apple does not charge that much for storage. Don’t forget all the other added features that you get with iCloud+.


If you require more cloud storage, it is a good idea to signup for iCloud+. You can get additional storage and other cool features.