iOS 14 App Library Annoying You?

I like most of what iOS 14 offers in the way of new features. I know some people dislike the App Library system of storing your Apps out of the way. Unfortunately, there is no way to remove or deactivate it. 1 I like the App Library, but I have discovered one very annoying feature with how it works. Apparently, when you install iOS 14 it sets the Home Screen default to installing all new Apps into the App Library. If you are like me and dislike this behavior, here is how to change it.

Home Folder Setup

I find this behavior very annoying. I purchase and download a new App on my iPhone. The App is then placed into he App Library.

App Library

If I want to use the App, I have to go into he App Library and move it to my Home Screen. When I buy a new App I do so because I want to have it available immediately. I do not want to have to go into the App Library and move it out of there. Here is how to fix this issue.

Go into the “Settings” area and tap on “Home Screen”.

Home Screen

You are taken to this window.

App Library Only

The default setting is to place a new App in the App Library. iOS 14 comes with this setting as default. To change this tap on “Add to Home Screen”.

Add to Home Screen

Now when you download an App to your iPhone it is placed in the Home Screen area ready for you to use.


I suppose this is no big deal, but it is easy to change this install behavior if you prefer your Apps to be installed directly to the Home Screen.

  1. I am hoping Apple will allow us to toggle this feature off in a future update[]