iOS App Tracking

Apple continues to improve iOS and iPadOS with new features and increased security. I like the new features, but I like increased security even more. A new example of increased security is the ability to opt out of allowing Apps to track you in your usage. Tracking can be turned off or allowed. Here is how that works.

Tracking Options

Of course, you can access the Tracking options in the Privacy section of Settings.

Once in this area, just tap on “Tracking”.

Now you are at the Tracking toggle.

The Tracking is toggle set to off by default. This means Apps are not allowed to even ask to track your activity. This is my preferred setting. However, I know some folks that don’t mind Apps tracking them as long as they are asked permission on a per App basis. This might fit your workflow better depending on what kind of privacy your prefer and how you use your iDevice.


As far as I am concerned being able to stop Apps from tracking my activities on my iPhone or iPad is totally good. This default no-track setting can be turned off if you prefer.