iOS Control Center Timer

I don’t know about you all, but I use the Timer function in iOS all the time. You can access it in the Clock App, but you can find it more quickly in the Control Center. I never knew this until now, but there is an easy way to set the time and use the Timer in Control Center. Here is how that works.

Control Center Timer

Here is what the Timer icon looks like in the Control Center.

If you do not see that icon in your Control Center area, then you should add it. This recent article describes how to do that.

If you tap on the Timer icon, it goes into the Timer section of the Clock App. You can make adjustments from there. However, if you “tap and hold” on the Timer icon, you get an adjustment graph right in the Control Center.

This is such a cool shortcut. It tells you what the Timer is set to, but all you have to do to change it is tap the slider and move it up or down. Here I moved the slider up to 10 minutes.

When you are ready, just tap on the Start button.

You can see the timer is running in the top of the window.


So, this is no big deal, just a little shortcut to save you some time using the Timer App.