iOS Do Not Disturb (DND)

Occasionally, when I get really busy, the notifications on my iPhone just get in the way. That is when I activate the Do Not Disturb (DND) feature in iOS. DND works really well and has some sophisticated features. Here is how you activate and setup DND on your iPhone.

Do Not Disturb

The easiest way to access DND in iOS is through the Control Center.1 Just swipe down from the upper-right corner of your iPhone screen.

Tap on the crescent icon and DND is activated.

You can activate DND using more particular settings by long-pressing on the icon.

If you tap on “Schedule”, you are taken into the Settings area to set that up. It is not a bad idea to just go into the DND Settings to set up that feature in a way that works for you.

Once in DND Settings, you might be overwhelmed. There are tons of Settings are in here.

If you choose to use the “Schedule” feature, then you should set it up right here.

You should scroll through the settings in this area, there are so many of them. You can really set up DND to your preferences.


Occasionally, I use the Do Not Disturb feature on my iPhone. It works great and is very versatile.

  1. You can activate it using “Hey Siri” as well