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I am sure you all are familiar with how to take screenshots on your iPhone or iPad by pressing the Sleep/Wake On-Off button at the top of the device and the Home button simultaneously. However, if you use a Bluetooth keyboard on your iPad like I do, you can get screenshots much more easily.


You can use keyboard commands to take iPad screenshots. They are very similar to the keyboard combinations on the Mac. To take a regular screenshot on an iPad using a keyboard just hold down Command ⌘ + Shift ⇧ + 3:

Command Shift 3
Command Shift 3

The iOS places a small thumbnail version of the screenshot in the lower left corner of your iPad screen:

iPad Screenshot Thumbnail
iPad Screenshot Thumbnail

If you wish to edit this, you have a few seconds to click on it before it goes away. It is placed in your Photos App automatically.


If you wish to go right into editing the photo using the iPad’s Markup Tools then you would take the screenshot with Command ⌘ + Shift ⇧ + 4:

Command Shift 4
Command Shift 4

When you do that iOS automatically opens the screenshot on the iPad screen and places the Markup Tools directly below it for editing:

This is so easy I am amazed I never thought of it. Using the keys on an iPhone to take a screenshot is kind of second nature. But, trying to use them on an iPad is awkward at best. Using these keyboard shortcuts is so simple and intuitive because you use similar ones on the Mac.


If you need iPad screenshots for whatever reason and you use a Bluetooth keyboard, give this a try. It is just plain easy.

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