iPhone Screen Auto-Lock

I think most of us set our iPhone screens to enter Auto-Lock mode in a few minutes. Setting your iPhone screen to lock in a short period of time is a good security precaution. But, there are times when you need to access something on the iPhone screen for a longer time. Perhaps you are reading a recipe, intereacting with some document or researching a website. That is when you need your iPhone screen to not go into Auto-Lock. Here is how you do that.


The Auto-Lock on my iPhone is usually set for 5 minutes. I am sure your iPhone is set to some similar minute increment. If you need to have your iPhone screen remain on, you need to go into the Settings area.


Once in Settings, scroll down and tap on Display & Brightness.

Display & Brightness

When you enter this area, tap on Auto-Lock in the bottom of the window.


You end up at the Duration settings. All you have to do is tap on “Never” and your iPhone Screen will remain visible as long as you need it.


It is important to set the Auto-Lock back to an increment when you are finished. I do this so much on my iPhone in my office, I created a simple Shortcut that takes me to the Auto-Lock link. All I have to do is tap it and set the duration in the next window.


It is best to keep the Auto-Lock set on a minute duration for security purposes. But, if you need to access your iPhone screen for a longer time, you can do so.