Low Quality Image Mode – Save Data

There are all kinds of helpful settings in iOS. One of those settings is Low Quality Image Mode. Why would you use Low Quality Image Mode? Here are some reasons.

Enabling low-quality image mode in iMessage can help you use less data, preserve battery life, and send images when your connection is less than ideal. Here’s how to use it.

I use Low Quality Image Mode, here is how you activate it.

Low Quality Image Mode

You access Low Quality Image Mode in the Messages Settings area.

Now, when you get to the next screen, you will discover a ton of settings for Messages. To access Low Quality Image Mode, scroll down to the very bottom of the window.

Just toggle the slider and Low Quality Image Mode is activated.

This does not affect the quality of your photographs. It only allows you to “send” images at a lower quality. If you need to send high-quality images, then do not activate this setting.


If you need to save battery life and data fees, then consider setting Messages to Low Quality Image Mode