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OK, now that the setup of my new 2019 iMac has been completed I am still having an issue or two. One of my main issues is with the App Store. It just does not seem to want to connect to my Mac somehow. When I reinstall an App from the App Store it almost always wants me to re-login to the Store, even though I am already logged in.

App Store Madness

Initially I discovered the Location Services in System Preferences was not activated:

Location Services
Location Services

I did not have the “Enable Location Services” box checked:

Location Checked
Location Checked

I had read online that this may fix the issues with the App Store. I thought when I checked it, that would do it, but it did not. The App Store still requires me to login to the App Store whenever I install or re-install an App. If I reinstalled a purchased App from the App Store in the past, it just downloaded and installed it, no password needed to be re-entered.

I seem to have had this problem in years past, but I do not know how to fix it. I did tons of research on this problem online, but did not really find a solution. Suffice it to say, many people are having problems with the App Store in Mojave and other versions of Mac OS.

I guess I can live with it for now. As far as I know when one of the Apps downloaded from the App Store is updated, it does get updated on my Mac. I have compared several Apps on my Mac with the list at the MacUpdate website. It appears the Apps are being updated as they should be, here are my current settings:

Software Update Settings
Software Update Settings

As previously stated, I do not automatically install macOS updates preferring to wait on OS installs for a few days to see how things fall out. I do have the “Install app updates from the App Store” box checked.

By the way, I did a bunch of stuff like logout and back in to the App Store, but this really did nothing to change anything.


I guess the App Store is sort of working like it should so I will have to live with that for now. Also, I am running a Beta of 10.14.5 and the App Store seems to behave normally in this Beta. We will see when it gets finally released.

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