Making macOS Menu Bar Text Larger

I am always on the lookout for ways to make reading the various elements of my iMac screen easier. One of those ways is to enlarge text wherever you can. Like many Mac users, I use the Mac Menu Bar extensively. It is really handy, but the Default text size is a little small. You can enlarge the Menu Bar text size, here is how you do that.

Menu Bar Text

You enlarge the Menu Bar text size in the Accessibility Preference Pane.

Once inside this area, click on “Display” in the sidebar.

In the next window you will see a setting for “Menu Bar size”.

If you click on the Default dropdown menu, you can select Large.

Your Menu Bar text is now set to display Large.1

There is one more step to activate Large Menu Bar text. When you close the Accessibility Pref Pane window, you will get a “Log Out” message.

To make the Large text take effect you have to Log Out of your Mac and log back in again. If it is not convenient to log out, then you can do it at a later time.


Making the Menu Bar text a little larger is helpful. I wish there was a setting to adjust the text to your preferences. But, something is better than nothing.

  1. Actually, the text is a little larger, but not a lot larger