Missing A Control Center Module?

The iOS Control Center is very handy for performing a quick activity on your iPhone. There are several helpful functions in there. If you discover you are missing a function in the Control Center, it is easy to add back. In this case, I will use the Flashlight as an example.

Control Center Functions

Here is an example of the Control Center from my iPhone 11.

It is missing the Flashlight. To add or remove any module, you have to access the Control Center in the iOS Settings area.

Once in this area, you see all the available modules. The modules that are currently in the Control Center is in the top of the list.

To add a module, just scroll down the list and click on the “plus” symbol next to the title.

In this case, I will add the Flashlight to the Control Center list above.

The Flashlight module is now in the Control Center where I can use it quickly.

That is all there is to it. You can add or remove any modules in the Control Center using this same procedure.


Modifying the Control Center to suit your workflow is easy.