Modifying Spotlight Search

There are different ways to search for things in the macOS including third-party Apps like HoudahSpot. However, I think most Mac people use the Spotlight App builtin to macOS for searches. Spotlight is not perfect, but it is quite versatile. If you are a Spotlight user, then read on for a suggestion about streamlining your Spotlight searches.

Spotlight Setup

To streamline the Spotlight App, you need to go into the System Preferences.

Spotlight Preferences

Once in this area, you will see a list of things included in Spotlight searches.

Search Parameters

This list of items to search for is quite extensive. As you can see, my search parameters is changed, but when you first go into this area, all the items are checked. You can speedup your Spotlight searches by unchecking certain things. I have several things unchecked. I don’t think I will search for Fonts, Movies, or Music, but YMMV.

As Iook through this list on my iMac, I noticed that Bookmarks and History is unchecked. This setting might come in handy so I have decided to check the box to add it to my searches.

Search Modification

Of course, you can modify this list as your needs change, it is easy to do so.


This is not a big deal, but if you can make your Spotlight searhces a little faster and efficient, then by all means do it.