Mute Annoying Notifications Quickly

Apple’s new macOS Big Sur comes with some major new features and some less known ones that are still very helpful. The Notifications’ area is completely rebuilt in Big Sur. In my opinion, it has some nice improvements. One of those new features is the ability to mute a notification on a per-App basis. Here is how to do that.

Mute Notifications

Notifications can come in handy, but sometimes they just become annoying. If you have a certain App that is pestering you with notifications, then know you can mute it temporarily. In this example I am going to notifications from the Hazel App which I receive periodically during the day.


To mute these notifications just right-click on the notification for the specific App and choose “Deliver Quietly”.

Deliver Quietly

You can also choose “Turn Off” if you wish to not receive these specific notifications any longer. If you choose “Deliver Quietly”, those specific notifications will be off until you turn them back on again. To turn them back on just right-click on the notification choose “Deliver Prominently”.

Deliver Prominently

The Notifications Center will deliver those specific notifications once again.


The Notifications Center in macOS Big Sur is new and improved. It has become more useful.