I have used a few different Apps for downloading YouTube or other kinds of video from the Internet. They are a kind of one function App, but they can come in handy if you want to get some video onto your Mac. Recently, I got a copy of a very nice App called PullTube by MyMixApps. If you are looking for a video download App, I highly recommend PullTube. Let me show you how it works.

PullTube Overview

PullTube is versatile for downloading video. It supports YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Bandcamp Youku and more. I don’t think I have even heard of some of these services. PullTube has you covered for downloading Video.

When you open PullTube, you get this main window:

PullTube Main Wndow

You paste the web address of the video in that window. You can also drag and drop a video on that location. The App fetches the address of the video and then presents a screen with a Download video button which you click to start the download:

Download window

If you change your mind, click on the “X” and it removes the video from the App. Before we go any further, let me explain the numbers in the above screen image:

Number 1 is your Download History:

Download history

You may wish to re-download an item or just check to see if you have downloaded something in the past.

Number 2 is the Download Later list. When you click on that you get this dropdown:

Download later

When you Add Links it takes you to this window:


This is such a cool idea. If you need to download several videos, put them in the Download Later area and use the App to download when you are not on your Mac. Once you have placed the video addresses in the list you click “Continue” and are taken back to the main window. What you end up with is a window showing the pending downloads:

Main Window

When it is time to download click on the Download Later (#2) icon. The App shows you the location where the video is downloading.

Download setup

If you click “Add Selected” it takes you back to the regular download window. You just click Download Video from there and it downloads all the items in the list.

Number 3 in the list is the Preferences area, more on that later. When you click the Download button, the program gives you a choice to convert the video from the Web, Flv, MKV and other formats into an MP4 (mpeg 4):

Mpeg 4

This is such a cool feature! Those other obscure formats are difficult to work with and also to convert. MP4 is so ubiquitous almost everyone uses it for this kind of video. The Pro video people don’t use MP4, but the rest of us do for sure.

Now, when you choose to convert the video to MP4, it does take a little longer to download. Here is a typical download window:

Dwonload Progress

I set my PullTube App to place the videos in the Downloads Folder, but you can make that Default anywhere on your Mac. The PullTube App is nicely laid out. It all just works together for a nice, efficient video download service. It is my go-to App for download video anywhere on the Web. But, that is not all. PullTube is a sophisticated App, there are lots of Preferences to tweak to your heart’s content.

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