Reduce PDF File Size The Simple Way

The PDF file format is by far the most used and most popular way to save and send files to other people. The problem with PDF files is they can become quite large. There is a simple way to reduce PDF file size built right in to macOS.

Reduce File Size

Here is a typical PDF file on my Desktop.

It is quite large at 5 MB. The easy way to reduce this file size is open the file in the Preview App. Then use the “Export” command in the File menu.

In the next window, click on the Quartz Filter.

In the drop down menu, choose “Reduce File Size”.

Be sure to rename the new file before you save.

Save the file to your Desktop or another convenient location. Now check the file size by doing a “Get Info” on it.

As you can see, 631 MB is quite a reduction from the original 5 GB.


There are several third-party programs that can reduce the file size of PDF’s more efficiently, but if you need a quick way to do it, the Preview App just fine.