Searching For Text In Emails

I think most of you use Email to a certain extent. I know we were all supposed to stop using Email a while back because it had become outdated, but for better or worse, it is still with us and going strong. Even though I use texting, I still use Email all the time for certain things. One thing you may not know or use is the ability to Find text within a new or received Email message. Here is how that works.

Text Search

You can Find text in an Email you are creating or a received Email in most Email clients on the Mac. Here is how this works in an Email that I created in the Airmail App.

Email Sample

You activate the “Find” command in Airmail using the Option ⌥ + Command Key ⌘ and the letter “F”.

Airmail Find

I did a “Find” for the word “leafcutter”, a type of Bee.

Airmail Search

You can see the highlighted word in the text. This would be handy if you were working on a long Email message and wanted to make changes.

Here is how this looks in the Apple Mail App.

Mail Text

When you hit Command ⌘ “F”, you get the Find search box.

Search Function

Here is the result of a search for “iOS”.

Search For iOS

You should note that you can search within a received Email as well. After opening a received Email, I hit Command ⌘ “F” and searched for the word “support”. This is in the Apple Mail App, but you can do this in most other Email clients.

Mail Search

I think you get the idea here. The “Find” function in Mac Email clients works quite well.


If you need to “Find” specific text within an Email, you can. It is an under-used feature that might be very helpful to you.