Setting The Mac Default Email App

In keeping with macOS Defaults, I thought I should mention how to set the Default Email App. Many Mac users just stick with the macOS install Default of the Mail App. However, more and more Mac users are branching out to other Email Apps. If you use a different Email App other than Mail, you need to set it as the Default Email Reader for your Mac.

Default Email App

Unlike the Default Web Browser in macOS, you do not set the Default Email App in System Preferences.1 You set the Default Email App in the Mail application itself which is weird. You change your Default Email App in the “Preferences” area of the Mail App:

When entering Mail Preferences you are automatically taken to the “General Tab”:

Click on the “Default email reader” dropdown and select your preferred Email App:

As you can see, I maintain several Email Apps on my Mac. I am always experimenting with them looking for the next big thing.


That is all there is to it to change the Default Email Reader on your Mac. You can always change back to the macOS Mail App if you dislike your changes.

  1. You would think Apple would move this to System Preferences to be consistent, but that might be asking too much.