Signicant Locations

If you really want to have complete privacy on your iPhone, you have to completely turn off Location Services. There are not many people that are will to do this, myself included. But you can do some things to increase your privacy. One of those things is to clear the Significant Locations that are tracked in iOS. Here is how you do that. 

Significant Locations

Of course, you clear out Significant Locations in the Settings area. Scroll down and tap on the Privacy setting.


Once in this area, tap on Location Services.

Location Services

There is a list of applications and how they use Location Services. You can adjust these settings, but scroll down and tap on System Services.

System Services

There are several settings in the System Services area, but the one you want is Signicant Locations.

Significant Locations

When you enter this area you will see a summary of the Significant Locations stored in your iPhone.

Stored Locations

My phone has tracted 133 locations over a period of time. To remove these locations, just tap on “Clear History”. You will get this warning message.


Clear Warning

When you tap on Clear History again, those locations are removed and you are starting over. If you wish, you can disable this setting completely by toggling the “On” setting to “Off”.


If you do not wish to turn off Location Services altogether, there are ways to modify the location information in your iPhone.