Stop macOS Safari Asking For Location

In keeping with computing privacy, it is not a bad idea to check the website Location Services in macOS Safari. There are ways to adjust Location Services on iOS and the Mac as well. I am sure you have noticed the little popups asking permission to use your location when Safari goes to certain websites. Here is how to adjust the Location settings in Safari to maintain optimal privacy.

Adjust Location Services

The Safari web browser will display a location permission request window when you go to sites of businesses that have multiple locations. In this case, it is asking me for permission when I go to a Home Depot website because there are several Home Depot locations.

Permission Window

If you click “Allow” then the page knows about where you are in the universe. Of course, you can always click “Don’t Allow”.

You can set and adjust Safari Location Services for specific websites in the Preferences area. Just click on the “Websites Tab”.

Websites Tab

Once in this window, click on “Location” in the sidebar. All of the websites that you currently have open will be listed. I have most of my websites set to “Ask”. However, because I go to the Home Depot website frequently, I just went into the Safari Location area and set it to always “Allow”.

Locaiton Settings

In this way I do not need to deal with the location allow message every time I open the Home Depot page. If you look in the bottom of that window, you will see a generic setting for all other websites. I just set it to “Ask” initially, but if I wish to change it to “Allow” or “Deny” for a specific website, I can always go into Safari Preferences and do that.


Adjusting location services for specific websites is easy in the macOS Safari App. If you get tired of those location allow warning Messages in Safari, you know what to do.