Catalina iPhone Sync

There are lots of changes in the new Catalina OS slated for Fall release. The breaking up of all the iTunes functions into separate Apps is a big part the new OS. One result of the iTunes restructuring is that iOS devices now connect into and sync through the macOS Finder.

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Background App Refresh Snoops Data

You are probably familiar with the saying, “The Price of Liberty is eternal vigilance” attributed to Thomas Jefferson. If we adapt that to electronic security it would be something like “The Price of Security is eternal vigilance”. There are so many ways our electronic computing security can be compromised, especially by people snooping on our Data.

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Font Book Duplicate Fonts

In my previous article on the Font Book App in macOS I covered it’s basic functionality. The macOS has had a version of Font Book for several releases, but I am not so sure people really use it much. The professionals use third party font programs that are way more sophisticated than Font Book.

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How to Setup & Use Photos

Even at this late hour I still come across Mac people that have not setup their Photos App in macOS. They are still using an older version of the OS and just trying to make iPhoto work for them. I think for most Mac users the Photos App is inevitable.

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Mac OS Extensions

There are all kinds of features Apple has placed inside the macOS. One of those features is *Extensions* either built into an App like Safari or available to all Apps through System Preferences. *Extensions* are is a very cool feature

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Mojave Finder Tips

I have been using the new Finder in macOS Mojave off and on with the excellent Pathfinder App. Recently, I decided the Finder has come of age in Mojave, enough so that I stopped using Pathfinder altogether.

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